Soya Yoghurt

Live soya yoghurt is incredibly useful. I use it on my breakfast muesli, in smoothies, lassis, fruity desserts and to make frozen yoghurt. I find I find it useful to maintain some live soya yoghurt in my fridge.
However your starter soya yoghurt can be shop bought… however ensure it is a live yoghurt.

In addition to being delicious and useful live soya yoghurt is packed full of probiotic bacteria to help maintain good health.

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Soy Yoghurt
Cuisine British
Cuisine British
  1. Sterilise your work area. Use boiling water to sterilise 4 500ml jars, lids and one spoon.
  2. Distribute the milk between the jars.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of live soya yoghurt to each jar.
  4. Add the lids to the jars, give each a little shake.
  5. For the best yoghurt keep the jars at 40C for at least 8 hours. See notes below on how to achieve this.
  6. Refrigerate the yoghurt until it has set.
Recipe Notes

Note: How to maintain 40C.
My multicooker has a "Yoghurt" mode which can create a 40C waterbath.
My combination oven has a 40C setting.

Yoghurt makers can also be used.
Yoghurt can also by fermented in an oven that is cooling down or left in the warmest spot in your house.

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